What does In Home Care cover?

a-1 domestic los angeles county caregivers

Unless you are already familiar, there may be questions in regards to what exactly comes along with In Home Care.  Beyond assisting with activities that may have once been normally completed without any help (such as cooking, cleaning, bathing, grooming) there is more that we have to offer our clients here at A-1 Home Care.


Lots of elderly individuals in the United States do not have the blessing of nearby friends and family to always depend on for transportation.  As they advance in age, driving privileges may become lost as conditions may not be the safest for being on the road.  This can leave some with a feeling of isolation from the world.  If you loved one needs help with getting around town or visiting family, our professional and loving Caregivers can facilitate and accompany on errands, social engagements or just getting fresh air.

Hold onto Independence

With a stable support system of consistent care, Home Care Professionals can lend a helping hand in allowing seniors to retain their independence.  By delivering the help they need when they need it, older adults are given the freedom to continue life in their own home which has been show to contribute to improving disposition and sustaining self-confidence longer.  Familiar surroundings can be a great sense of comfort for many of us and with the assistance of A-1 Home Care in Arcadia, we can keep folks in these settings longer and safer than ever before.

Long Term Care Insurance coverage available

If someone you know is in need of Hourly Care or Live-In Care, we work hand in hand with Long Term Insurance providers such as Penn Treaty, John Hancock, CALPERS, MetLife Insurance, Bankers’ Life & Casualty and Veteran’s Administration benefits.  Call us today at 626-287-0250 to learn more about how we can help your family stay happy and healthy.

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