Science with Seniors

Science activities are fun…but most folks would usually reserve these activities for after-school time with the kids. What we forget is that many of these entertaining past times can also be done with our elderly loved ones. Why wouldn’t they enjoy an amazing science experiment that could offer not just some new piece of knowledge but also some meaningful time with family?

We at A-1 Home Care know that seniors and the elderly would love to engage in such past times and that’s why we’d like to share some ideas that could be done with the grandparents, kids and everyone. If you’re finding a hard time to balance work, and other projects, why not try a 24 Hour caregiver from A-1 Home Care to supervise such amusing activities with your loved ones?

Ocean Science:

Did you know that the blue whale is the largest creature to ever live on Earth? It has a heart the size of a small car and veins so large a human could swim through them.

Along with explaining some interesting facts about the ocean and the animals that live in it, you can demonstrate the density difference between fresh and salt water. Take two glasses; fill one with salt water and one with fresh water. Ask your senior audience – will the egg float, in both glasses or in either glass? Then place the egg in the fresh water – it sinks. Now place the egg in salt water – it floats. This is because the salt makes sea water denser than fresh water.

In addition to assisting with science experiments, our in home and live in caregivers can help your senior loved one with needs around the home, including meal preparation, grooming and light housecleaning. Licensed, bonded and insured, our agency offers a wide variety of caregivers, ranging from Senior Caregivers to Alzheimer’s and Dementia Caregiver.

 a-1 domestic los angeles county caregivers

Call our office now at 626 287 0250 or 562 929 8400 to inquire about our senior services. Visit us at Arcadia In Home Care.


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